Why CleanSpace?

CleanSpace has been cleaning homes in and around Santa Clara, CA since 2008. The owner, Ashley Winsor, who has lived in Santa Clara all her life, really enjoys house cleaning and saw a need for a house cleaning service that made customers and their experience the focus.

A personal touch to professional house cleaning.

Although the maid service has grown, we at CleanSpace still keep that personal touch! The same maids returns every time, getting to know your house thoroughly. Plus, a communication sheet is left behind after every visit, ensuring easy and instant communication with your maid service.

  • Owner, Ashley Winsor

    Ashley has been cleaning homes in the Santa Clara area since 2008. She takes pride in her work and the efforts of her fantastic maids!

  • The Clean Team

    One of our cleaning teams will show up on time and as scheduled, to make sure your house is spotless when you arrive home.

  • No Shelf Unturned!

    Our attention to detail and thoroughness keeps our customers happy. We approach each and every task with diligence!

  • Always Ready!

    Our cheerful workers love what they do, and it literally shows in their work! A house cleaned by our maids is one happy home!

Price is important, but consider these additional guidelines when choosing a maid service.

  • Liability

    As new products are released and new surfaces and textiles are used in home furnishings, who is staying on top of the best, safest technology for cleaning?

  • Knowledge

    If an injury occurs, who is responsible? If taxes must be paid, who makes sure they get paid?

  • Reliability

    If the usual maid is ill or otherwise unable to clean, is there someone who can step in and clean instead?

  • Certainty

    If there’s something not quite right about the cleaning, how will the problem be resolved?

Before you let price alone drive your decision, request a free estimate today, and see how CleanSpace is different.

Request a free house cleaning estimate today!

Learn how time saving and trustworthy our services can be for you and your family! You can contact us by phone, or get a head start by filling out our Request an Estimate form! Each estimate includes a free detailed report on what to consider when choosing a maid service or other home services provider.

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Clean Homes, Happy Clients!

We've been using CleanSpace for well over a year now, and it's due time for a review. No BS, here's how our experience with them has been: We love having CleanSpace. It's been a godsend. Seriously. We have them come in every 2 weeks. Since we're hardly ever home (early morning, late in the evening), cleaning is impossible. It's so nice and refreshing to have them here. I don't know what I'll do if I ever moved out of the area. Best part about CleanSpace? They're flexible, accommodating, and they listen. Ultimately, what made me choose them was that feedback mattered. It's easy to reach out to Ashley, and she responds in a few hours. I think there was maybe one or two times when in the cleaning feedback I wrote something down -- I got a phone call the very next day to be sure that that was the only thing that needed altering. The cleaning itself is phenomenal. I don't know how they keep that bathroom as clean as it is. When I attempt, its a biohazard. Somehow though, they make it happen. They also manage to circumnavigate the sheer mess that accumulates in the two weeks between cleanings. We don't make it easy for them to clean this place. But they manage it fantastically. For that reason alone they deserve 5 stars.