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You are a busy working family with no free time. Gain back the time you’d normally spend cleaning by partnering with a house cleaning company known for reliability, consistency and efficiency. You also want a trustworthy company to clean your home. Most of our maids have been with us for 3+ years, and since 2008 we have cleaned over 20,000 homes! Have you had a maid service that is hard to communicate your feedback to? With CleanSpace you get a feedback sheet at each visit, plus quarterly check-ins. Get the VIP Treatment we reserve for all our recurring house cleaning clients! Do you have cleaning tasks piling up that you can never seem to get to? With CleanSpace, you get one free, extra cleaning task at each regular visit. No more annoying cleaning tasks that keep piling up!

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We've been using CleanSpace for about four months now, and it's been such a relief to find them after some less than stellar experiences with other companies. This is probably the best-run company I have ever encountered. They set up clear expectations on what they will and will not clean, how much it will cost, when they'll show up, and how you can provide feedback. You get a reminder call the day before, and a follow-up call the day after to make sure you're satisfied with their work. They leave behind a feedback page that you can make notes on. They allow you to pay with credit card automatically (don't require it, mind you, but I love not having to remember to leave a check).