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Below are common questions from CleanSpace customers. Please contact us directly for answers to questions not addressed!

Do you do anything that’s not on the regular cleaning list?

Yes you bet! Regular weekly and bi-weekly clients get one free task at each cleaning.

So for weekly and biweekly regulars, you get one extra, rotating, deep clean item at each visit.
It starts at the second visit and then every visit from then on.
You can pick from our list, there’s a total of 11.
And you’ll be sent the list along with your Customer Data Sheet when you first sign up.

And what you’ll do is you’ll prioritize the ones you want with a number.
So you can pick all of them or if you want just a few done, pick what you need and then they’ll go in faster rotation.

And then starting at the second visit, we’ll start with the first task that you requested.
And then the next task at the next visit, and so on. One task at each visit.
When we get to the end of your list, we’ll just start over again back at the top.
We’ll note down on your Quality Scoresheet what we did that day so that you know.

Some of the items include cleaning inside your refrigerator, wet wiping baseboards, damp wiping cabinet fronts, sweeping the patio.

This is free for weekly and biweekly clients, for monthly clients you can contact us to add it on for a small charge.

Could you also fold my laundry?

Yes! We can fold your laundry for you, and for our regular clients we do fold laundry. So that is a service we offer.

And how it works is we come to clean in a team so we probably don’t have time to finish washing and drying by the time we leave. So probably what you can do is either run it through the night before or that weekend and then you can either leave it in the dryer with instructions for us on how to fluff it; or you can put it back in the basket with the small items in the basket and then drape the wrinkable stuff over the top.

And then if we don’t already have it in your running work order notes, you can just leave us a note that day like you know ‘hey there’s laundry in the dryer for you’.

And then when we come to clean we’ll weigh it, and we’ll leave you a receipt based on the pounds and then we’ll fold it. We’ll leave it back in the appropriate rooms either on top of the bed or on top of the dresser.

And then when you come home you’ll be coming home to not only a nice clean house but also to all your laundry folded for you as well.

What happens when I call to get a quote?

Here’s a walk through of what it will be like when you call us:

Hi I’m Ashley, I’m the owner of CleanSpace House Cleaning in Sunnyvale, CA, and today I’m answering the question: What happens when I call to get a quote?

So when you first call we’ll ask you some questions to get some info, like your square footage, the number of pets you have, the service frequency that you’re looking for.

(If you’re not sure about the square footage of your home we can look it up on using your address.)

And then you’ll have the option to hear a list of the services, of what is included and what is not included.

Then we’ll give you the price based on the info you gave us. You can book right then over the phone. We’ll give you the day that is open and a ‘Client Data Sheet’ questionnaire to fill out on your own time.

Or if you’re not ready right then, you also can have all that info emailed to you, in a hard copy with the quote and a list of the services to look over at your own pace.

What time are you going to come clean?

Hi I’m Ashley I’m the owner of CleanSpace House Cleaning in Sunnyvale CA and today I’m answering the question: What time will you guys arrive to clean? So while we can guarantee the day we cannot guarantee the time. Just due to the nature of the business we would eventually break that promise to you.
However we can send you a text the day before with a two hour window of arrival.
So we’ll take into account your availability. We’ll make your work order with the earliest time we can arrive, the latest time we can be there, and if there are any nap times to avoid. So we ask for at least 5 hour window that we can be there. And we’ll use that info when we’re making the scheduling.
And then if you’re going to be home or want to know when we’re coming, we’ll send you a text the day before with a 2 hour window of arrival for the next cleaning day.

How can I arrange access to my home on cleaning days?

Hi I’m Ashley. I’m the owner of CleanSpace House Cleaning in Sunnyvale, CA and today I’m answering the question: How do you arrange access if I’m not going to be home.
So if you’re not going to be home, you can leave a key in a realtor lockbox on the front porch or you can give us a key to keep.
For keys in our possession, we never put any identifying information on the key. It’s just a code that only the team leader would understand.
Keys are kept attached to a chain. And that chain is actually sewn into the work bag itself. Since 2008 we have never lost any keys.
We will open and lock up your house according to the specific instructions on your work order, including if there are any alarm codes or whatever else.
Or if you’re going to be home when we come, that’s OK too. You can ask us and we’ll send you a text with your 2 hour window of arrival on the day before.
When we get there you if you need to be in a specific room , like the office or baby’s room, we can start in that room to make it available to you while we clean the rest of the house.

What do I have to do to prepare for my cleaning?

Not too much! You might feel like you get more for your money if you do some tidying before hand.

Hi I’m Ashley I’m the owner of CleanSpace House Cleaning in Sunnyvale CA and today I’m answering the questions: Do I have to do anything to prepare for my cleaning?
And the answer to that is: If you’re going to do anything you can tidy up, but otherwise, nothing.

And so there’s 2 types of cleaning: there’s maintenance cleaning, which is what we do and then there’s daily cleaning. And that daily cleaning you can do.
Sometimes I hear from people like, Oh, my wife cleans before you guys come to clean. And so if you’re doing like that type of maintenance cleaning that we would do, like if you’re scrubbing the toilets – don’t do that. It’s OK, we’ve seen a dirty house before.

But the daily cleaning, you can do that type. And the daily cleaning is like putting away the mail, doing the dishes, picking up the clothes, that kind of stuff. You don’t have to, but you might feel like you got more for your money when you walk into your freshly cleaned home that you also tidied. And it’s also a great excuse to help get the kids to help tidy up.

We will do 1 minute per room of kind light tidying. Like we’d fix the slip covers on the sofa, stack the magazines on the coffee table, in the kid’s room if there’s boxes for the toys we’d put the toys into the boxes and push them against the wall, so kind of light tidying for a minute or so.

But we do want to leave enough time for the kind of cleaning that we’re good at, which is the kitchens, dusting, bathrooms, floors, all that maintenance cleaning that you get to avoid and have us do instead.

How do I get a quote?

The quickest way is to give us a call at 408-215-8285 or use this form to request a phone quote. We’re able to give all quotes (even get you set up and booked!) over the phone.

How do I set up my cleaning schedule?

There are two ways:

  1. Call us and we’ll set it up over the phone.
  2. Use this form to let us know you’d like to set up a cleaning schedule and we will call you asap. We work Monday through Friday.
Who comes to my home?

Our team of licensed, bonded, insured, fully trained maids will come to your home to clean your home the way you expect. The same team will clean your home each time.

Want to know who will come to clean your house? Also, how will they know all the instructions about your house? This video will explain it. For more pics of the team go to
The transcription of this video starts below:
Hi I’m Ashley I’m the owner of CleanSpace House Cleaning and today I’m answering the question ‘who will come to clean my house and how are they going to know the notes about my house?

So it pretty much will be the same team of 3 people. There is some turnover, because it is inevitable in a service business. But for the most part the ladies are career cleaners, they’re employees and not subcontractors, so they’re paid fairly, they’re happy to stay.

If there is turnover on a position in your team, apart from still having 2 other regular partners who are already familiar with your house, (which is a benefit of team cleaning), but apart from that every team has a binder of all the work orders for each house.

So your work order is: all the written instructions about your home specifically that you want to communicate to your cleaners.

So when you first sign up, you’ll be emailed a customer data sheet.

That data sheet is going to ask you a whole bunch of questions, and from your answers is how we’ll make your work order.

So we’ll know all your preferences, for example, if you have natural stone surfaces, if you take off your shoes when you come inside, any special instructions for your dog or your cat, how to lock up, where to leave the key, if there are any areas where you don’t want us to touch, or that you want us to pay special attention to, things like that, your team will have it written down for their reference. And they’ll review it before your house.

And also at any time, we can take any changes or tweaks that you would like to make and update those to your work order.

What will be cleaned?

You will find a list of what will be cleaned each time under the Regular Plan. This is the list we use to check and double check our work.

Do I have to sign anything?

You should get ready to enjoy your clean home. Our quality is our contract. The only thing we need from you is access to your home, and that’s it. We accept credit cards so you don’t even need to worry about leaving a check.

Do I need to supply anything?

No, not a thing. We’ll bring all our own supplies and equipment. CleanSpace uses Green Seal Certified products.

Do I have to be there?

No, not at all. Many of our clients are at work or running errands while we clean. We are serious about the safety of your home and we keep our keys coded and safe.

What about my pets?

We love them! We are more than happy to accommodate any special needs your pets might have.

How do I pay?

We accept credit cards or you may leave a check made out to CleanSpace at the end of each cleaning.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We’ll make it right. Our work is guaranteed, so just call us and we’ll return within 24 hours to re-clean the area.

Are discounts available?

We’d love to give you a f.r.e.e. cleaning when you refer a friend who signs up for regular service.

What if I refer a friend?

Then we’re eternally grateful to you! We’ll also give you your next cleaning f.r.e.e. when they sign up for regular, repeat service.

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