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Regularly scheduled visits (weekly, alternate weekly, monthly), allows our CleanSpace maids to take care of your home so that you don’t have to take time away from important activities to clean.

Efficient and Reliable Professional House Cleaning

CleanSpace maids will handle the cleaning efficiently, courteously and to your satisfaction. You’ll find a feedback sheet waiting for you when you return to your home, and you can expect a follow-up call from CleanSpace to be sure you’re happy with the work done.

Price is important, but consider these additional guidelines when choosing a maid service.

  • Bathroom

    • Remove cobwebs
    • Dust all areas
    • Clean and scrub shower and tub area
    • Clean and scrub sink area
    • Clean and scrub toilet and bowl
    • Clean mirror
    • Clean door knobs and light switches
    • Remove trash
    • Remove and clean floor mats
    • Wash and dry floor
  • Kitchen

    • Remove cobwebs
    • Dust all areas
    • Clean microwave inside and out
    • Clean and degrease stove top and  outside of hood
    • Clean and scrub counter tops and  backsplash
    • Spot clean small appliances
    • Clean and scrub sink area
    • Clean kitchen table
    • Clean outside of refrigerator,  dishwasher, etc.
    • Clean door knobs and light switches
    • Clean baseboards
    • Remove trash
    • Wash and dry floor
  • Living / Sleeping / Office

    • Remove cobwebs
    • Dust all areas
    • Clean baseboards
    • Clean doorknobs and light switches
    • Remove trash
    • Vacuum (and damp mop hardwood floors)
  • Free tasks*

    • Hand wipe baseboards
    • Clean the inside of the refrigerator
    • Sweep patio or porch
    • Clean inside the oven
    • Hand wipe outside furniture
    • Hand wipe door facings and frames
    • Hand wipe all wood trim and windowsills
    • Hand wipe kitchen cabinets
    • Hand wipe bathroom cabinets
    • Vacuum one room of upholstered furniture
    • Hand wipe ceiling fans and light fixtures
    • Vacuum all blinds
    • Vacuum along carpet edges with a crevice tool
    • Laundry folding available, priced by the pound.

*Regular repeat clients (for those weekly and bi-weekly) get one free task done, starting on the second visit! We value and appreciate your patronage!

The Cleanest Zip Codes in California!

CleanSpace currently provides exceptional maid service in the following service areas.

Santa Clara, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

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I tried two cleaning services for exactly one day each before CleanSpace, so I was prepared to be disappointed. Thankfully I was anything but! They've been cleaning my apartment for a while now and I appreciate the care and effort they put in. In particular, my favorite parts: They correspond with me by email because I prefer it! They have a very clear list of rotating tasks and let me leave out the ones not useful to me. They have a feedback form every visit... And they pay attention to what I write on it. I can leave special instructions and trust they'll be followed.