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Cupertino, CA

Cupertino is the home of Apple’s HQ. The moment you arrive in the city, it is clear to see why. The city of Cupertino is committed to preserving nature in places like Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve and the McClellan Ranch Preserve, to name just a few.

 With so many opportunities to enjoy nature in California’s famed beautiful weather, CleanSpace is here to help the residents of Cupertino save time so they can get out there and enjoy these gorgeous open spaces.

CleanSpace Process and Products

Our highly trained cleaning professionals start work as soon as they walk in your front door. We have a very specific process, going from left to right, top to bottom of a room, so we don’t miss an inch. There is never a reason for them to backtrack through your home, as they wear all the cleaning products and equipment they need to clean your home.

 If you’re concerned about the quality of our cleaning products, be assured that all of them are approved by Green Guard and Green Seal. We understand that the safety of the products used is just as important to you as the cleanliness of your home. All of our cleaning products are safe for your family, pets, and children.

 We use the Aspira Backpack Vacuum with Hepa Filter to remove as much as 99.97% of dust and dirt particles from your home. These wearable backpacks mean that our cleaning team never even sets down equipment in your home. The backpack vacuums ensure that no dust or dirt is carried into your home by the vacuum, and almost 100% of the dirt and dust leaves your home with our cleaning team!

CleanSpace Services and Schedules

CleanSpace offers a variety of services. Your cleaning team will be trained to specifically meet your home’s cleaning needs, so you can be sure we will clean your home the same way every time. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules to fit any need. Regular cleanings help to ensure your home is a healthy environment for your family. Our services include:


  • Clean and Scrub:
    • Shower and Tub
    • Sink
    • Toilet and Bowl
    • Mirror
    • Doorknobs
    • Lightswitches
  • Remove:
    • Cobwebs
    • Dust
    • Trash
  • Remove and clean floor mats
  • Wash and dry floor


  • Remove:
    • Cobwebs
    • Dust
    • Trash
  • Clean and Scrub:
    • Microwave (inside and out)
    • Counter tops
    • Backsplash
    • Small appliances
    • Sink area
    • Outside of refrigerator, dishwasher, oven
    • Doorknobs and lightswitches
    • Baseboards
  • Clean and degrease top and outside of hood
  • Wash and Dry Floor


  • Remove:
    • Cobwebs
    • Dust
    • Trash
  • Clean:
    • Door knobs
    • Light switches
    • Baseboards
  • Vacuum (and damp mop hardwood floors)

For our clients who schedule regular cleanings, we offer one free task starting on your second visit. You can choose from:

Free Tasks*:

  • Hand wipe baseboards
  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator
  • Sweep patio or porch
  • Clean inside the oven
  • Hand wipe outside furniture
  • Hand wipe door facings and frames
  • Hand wipe all wood trim and window sills
  • Hand wipe kitchen cabinets
  • Vacuum one room of upholstered furniture
  • Hand wipe ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Vacuum all blinds
  • Vacuum along carpet edges with a crevice tool
  • Laundry folding available, priced by the pound

*Regular repeat clients (for those weekly and biweekly) get one free task done, starting on the second visit!

CleanSpace Guarantee

We are so confident in our cleaning process CleanSpace guarantees you will love the way your home is cleaned. Upon completion of every cleaning, we leave a feedback sheet for you to fill out and return to us. Our customer service team will also give you a call to make sure your cleaning was done to your full satisfaction. If there is something we need to correct, we will come back to your home within 24 hours to fix the issue.

We know that the most important priority for Cupertino residents is their family. Let CleanSpace help you to give them a clean and healthy home to live in without sacrificing time spent together. Call our customer service team today to set up your first cleaning and get back to living!

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I love CleanSpace! My home is sparkling every Wednesday when I get home. Ashley and her team are responsive, detailed, and give me the feeling that they really care about my home and me. I feel safe and really appreciate the follow up. We can email each other and that is a big plus for me. There is a sense of relief knowing CleanSpace is coming and when I get home all is clean, perfect, and secure!