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Get Your Holiday Cleaning Done Early

November 14, 2018 // By Ashley Winsor // Cleaning Tips
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The busiest time of the year is upon us. Parties are thrown for holidays throughout  November and December. And it’s not limited to the holiday itself— nearly every weekend, you could have a get together with friends, extended family, and coworkers.

There is a chance you will want to throw one or two of those parties yourself, or maybe you’ll plan to have family stay with you to celebrate the holidays. Getting your holiday cleaning done early will save you from stress and panic before your event!

Read on to learn what you should focus on and why you shouldn’t wait to make sure your holiday cleaning is scheduled!

Who: Everyone Should Do Their Holiday Cleaning Early!

Are you throwing a party for friends, family, or coworkers? Holiday cleaning is for you! Are you having your family over on the day of the holiday? Holiday cleaning is for you! Are you spending quiet, quality time with your immediate family for the holidays? Holiday cleaning is for you!

When your home is clean and organized, you will be much more relaxed. You will be able to focus on spending time with those you love, not worrying about the thing you didn’t get done before your event. You won’t be frantically cleaning a bathroom seconds before your guests walk in the door. You will be able to settle in on the couch and watch that holiday movie with your kids.

Sit down and determine a schedule that will allow you to do the cleaning ahead of time.

When: Do Your Holiday Cleaning At Least A Week Before Your Event

There are many holiday cleaning plans that will help you do a little cleaning every day, leaving you with much less to do right before your event. Rather than scrambling to do all the cleaning in one day, spread out your cleaning. This is an example of a seven day cleaning plan:

Day One: Look over your home and figure out what needs to be cleaned the most, make a list, and hand out chores to everyone in your home.

Day Two: Window cleaning (panes and screens and sills), and window treatment cleaning

Day Three: Deep clean bathrooms and declutter bedrooms

Day Four: Clean closets, wash rugs

Day Five: Deep clean the kitchen

Day Six: Focus on the entryway, including your porch, and dust all surfaces in the home

Day Seven: Do all normal cleaning tasks, including vacuuming, mopping, and bathroom cleaning

A week before your event is a good timeline to clean your home, but you may also consider a deep cleaning before you put up your holiday decorations. Holiday decorations might add a lot to your decor, so cleaning before you put it all up might make your life a little easier when cleaning later on.

Where: Areas to Focus On When Holiday Cleaning

Of course, your home gets cleaned all year long, but there are places that go a little longer without cleaning than others. Guest bedrooms might not have been used in awhile, so don’t forget to put some fresh sheets and dust surfaces in the room. You should check the window treatments for dust and consider washing them.

Your kitchen is a gathering place. People tend to hang out where the food is. Wiping down stove tops, cleaning out microwaves, deep cleaning your refrigerator, wiping down cabinets, and cleaning out the trash can are all great ways to make sure that your kitchen is a clean, odor-free,  and welcoming place for your guests.

Take a close look at your entryway as well, both inside and out. Shake out or clean any mats that may have debris on them. Blow or sweep off your front porch. Wipe down your door and the handles and windows around them. Any furniture that is in your entryway should be dusted and wiped down. If you have an area where shoes are taken off, consider deep cleaning it.

There is no better time than the holidays to hire professional help. Your house will look its very best without all the hassle and stress on your part. CleanSpace offers residential home cleanings on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis.

Many people like to schedule an extra cleaning around the holidays, and the time to book is now! Right now, CleanSpace is offering a refrigerator cleaning for 50% off! You can add a refrigerator cleaning to your regular cleaning (or that extra one you scheduled!) for just $20. Call our team today and let us do the holiday cleaning so you can enjoy more time with friends and loved ones!

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