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Top 3 Healthy Living Tips For Your Home and Family

January 2, 2018 // By Jean Hanson // Cleaning Tips, Doing Good
Healthy Living Tips For Your Home

Many people take the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to re-commit themselves and their families to healthy living. One place to start is within your home. There are a surprising (and alarming) number of potentially dangerous chemicals in everyday household products.

Even the most innocuous items, such as remote controls, drinking cups, and scented soaps and lotions, contain sometimes harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, formaldehyde, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).

Here are a few tips to ensure that your home is a safe and healthy place for you and your family.

Healthy Living Tip #1: Assess Your Cleaning Products

You might feel like you need heavy-duty household cleaners to do your routine cleaning, but many of these products contain hazardous chemicals. But most of these harmful chemicals aren’t necessary to get your home clean.

Even though we like our home to “smell clean”, many of the additives used to get that fresh smell can be harmful to your health. Your cleaning products may include chemicals like phthalates, which are used to maintain fragrance in household products— they’re not enhancing the cleaning properties of the products in any way!

Consider the ever-popular antibacterial dishwashing detergents and hand soaps; these contain a chemical that could lead to breeding dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. Other cleaning products such as window, kitchen, and multipurpose cleaners contain 2-butoxyethanol that can cause a variety of ailments, ranging from sore throats to liver and kidney damage.

So what do you do? You need a clean house, for healthy living as well as for aesthetic purposes. Fortunately, you can purchase cleaning products that are Green Seal certified, meaning that they’re safer for the environment and your family. CleanSpace uses biodegradable, non-toxic products to ensure that your home is a safe and healthy place to be for you and your family.

Healthy Living Tip #2: Check Your Sponges and Mops

If you’ve been using the same sponge for all of your cleaning projects— or worse, using paper towels or disposable wipes— it’s time to reconsider your cleaning tools. Rather than reaching for your old sponge or disposable products, consider swapping them out for sturdy microfiber cloths.

Microfiber is sturdy, absorbent, and soft. These cloths can be used to scrub stubborn stains but they can also be used for gentle cleaning tasks, too. Better yet, they’ll perform their tasks without scratching surfaces or leaving behind fibers, making them suitable for just about any kind of cleaning you might need. They’re inexpensive, so you can buy several of them in different colors to coordinate your cleaning— blue for the mirrors and glass, green for countertops, yellow for showers, tubs, and bathroom counters, red for toilets, etc.

If you’re not using a washable microfiber mop, you’re not just spending more money than necessary, you’re also impacting the environment. Instead, purchase a mop that can be washed in water and reused. You’ll know that you’re cleaning your floors without spreading bacteria around.

Healthy Living Tip #3: Reduce Dust

Dust isn’t just unattractive, it can be harmful to your family’s health. Consisting of a combination of organic materials (such as dried skin cells, pet dander, and pollen) and inorganic materials (paint particles, heavy metals, and even toxic particles from flame retardants and cigarette smoke), dust can exacerbate asthma and allergies as well as inflame skin conditions like eczema or atopic dermatitis.

How do you reduce the dust in your home? There are a few ways to banish dust:

  • Avoid using vacuum cleaners with cloth bags. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner that contains the soil has a HEPA filter
  • Mop tile and hardwood flooring with a damp mop regularly
  • Frequently change your home’s air and furnace filters
  • Don’t allow dust to accumulate on your home’s surfaces
  • Avoid using feather dusters because most of the dust becomes airborne. Instead use microfiber cloths that contain the dust

CleanSpace relies on the Aspria Backpack Vacuum system complete with a HEPA filter to ensure that 99.7% of the particles in your home are picked up when we vacuum. This revolutionary vacuum picks up particles as small as .3 microns, so you know that you and your family will be breathing cleaner air.

If you’re ready to incorporate healthy living into your home this year, partner with CleanSpace. We’ll ensure that you and your family enjoy the benefits of a clean, sanitary, and healthy home thanks to our carefully screened team of insured professionals.

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