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4 Reasons Why Hiring a House Cleaning Service is Guilt-Free

October 30, 2017 // By Jean Hanson // Cleaning Tips
Hiring a Cleaning Service is Guilt-Free

You’ve considered hiring a cleaning service, but you couldn’t justify the expense; after all, shouldn’t you be able to clean your home yourself? In truth, hiring a cleaning service is guilt-free! Here are a few reasons why you should treat yourself to the experience of allowing trained professionals to take over one of your least favorite chores.

Hiring a cleaning service No-Guilt Reason #1: you CAN buy happiness

Well, maybe not exactly happiness, but you can buy more time, which leads to happiness. It’s been established that adults report greater happiness after they spend money on time-saving purchases rather than on purchases of material goods.

If you outsource your cleaning to a house cleaning service, you’ll have more time to do the things that make you truly happy, whether that’s spending more time with family and friends, pursuing hobbies, or volunteering. When you know you don’t have to spend hours of your week cleaning your home, you’ll feel a tremendous weight off your shoulders, meaning that hiring a cleaning service is guilt-free.

No-Guilt Reason #2: you’re not the only one who outsources

Some people have their groceries delivered, others send their laundry out to be done professionally. Hiring a house cleaning service is guilt-free, just like those other tasks are for the people who outsource them.

While hiring a cleaning service was once considered to be a luxury that only the rich and famous enjoyed, that’s no longer the case. In some parts of the country, it costs more for a family of four to enjoy the full movie theater experience, complete with popcorn and sodas, than it does to hire a cleaning service.

No-Guilt Reason #3: you’re employing people

When you hire a cleaning company, you’re giving someone a job. But not just any job— a job that’s flexible, enabling parents to work while their children are in school or people who have health issues to work fewer hours. It offers an opportunity to earn to people who might otherwise struggle to find work.

Additionally, you’re making your community a place that fosters the growth of small businesses. Hiring a cleaning company is guilt-free for you, and a tremendous opportunity for the folks who clean your home. It’s a true win/win!

No-Guilt Reason #4:  pros do it Best

You might not mind cleaning your home, but are you sure you’re doing a really thorough job? Do you have the right tools for the job and the training that enables you to use them properly? Are you cleaning quickly and efficiently without missing important spots or halfway doing the job?

If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably no. If you’re not a trained professional cleaner, it’s likely that you don’t have the skills that get your home truly clean. Not only do the pros have the proper equipment, but they know all the places that germs hide in your home. Their understanding of the “hot spots” will make your family healthier during cold and flu season.

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