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Ultimate Summer Cleaning Checklist

June 14, 2018 // By Jean Hanson // Cleaning Tips
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The start of summer brings with it so many wonderful outdoor activities. You get to dust off all that patio furniture and shake out those umbrellas. You get to pull out the old grill. You get to break out the bikes and give them a wipe down. You get to unpack all the summer clothes.

Wait… this is starting to sound less fun and more like a…you guessed it!

Ultimate Summer Cleaning Checklist!

It doesn’t have to be a lot of work and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, many of the things on this list will occur to you organically;  for example, when things have been in storage, you naturally give them a wipe down before using them.

Here are our recommendations for summer cleaning that will keep your house feeling fresh, cool, and clean all summer long.

Summer Cleaning Task #1: The Grill

Thankfully, the weather in California is so nice, we can grill out all year long. But, summer is traditionally the best time to grill, so it is also a good time to give the grill a thorough cleaning.  Don’t forget these areas of the grill:

  • Take the grates off and use an oven cleaner (don’t forget your gloves!) to give the grates a really good scrub down.
  • Use a soapy solution and a washcloth to wipe down the outside of the grill and then dry completely
  • Hand wash your grill utensils

Most people quickly clean the grill after each use, but it is advisable to once or twice a year give it a good scrub down.

Summer Cleaning Task #2: Vases

Flowers are available in abundance all summer long. If you have flowers in your garden that you sometimes bring in the house, summer is a good time to give the vases a good cleaning. Some vases are rather difficult to thoroughly clean on the inside; for instance, they might be long with a very small hole at the neck.


To clean out those hard to reach places, put a spoon of uncooked white rice into the vase with a little soap and warm water. Then cover the hole of the vase with your hand and shake. This will help scrub the inside of the vase. Now you’re ready for all those pretty flowers!

Summer Cleaning Task #3: Pillows

Summer is a great time to wash all the pillows in your house. Throw pillows, pillows for your bed, pillows your dog uses— they could all could use a good cleaning once a year. Some pillows might be able to be tossed into the washing machine with no ill effect.

For those that aren’t washing machine friendly, just wash them in the sink or a washing tub. Use a low suds detergent like Woolite, and then press— do not wring— the pillow dry. Most pillows are safe to toss into the dryer; just add in a few dryer balls to fluff them up.

Summer Cleaning Task #4: Patios and Decks

Wiping down patio furniture periodically is a great idea. Chairs might be doing double duty and also being used to dry swimsuits and towels from the pool. The chlorine might make the colors fade over time, so to prevent that, use soapy water to scrub, rinse, and dry the patio furniture in the summertime, when it will dry quickly.

The patio or deck itself could likely use a good spray down. Power spraying the concrete, deck, ceilings, etc, to rid them of cobwebs and bugs and general dirt will make your outdoor living areas look new again. Just be careful to use the suggested spray strength.

Summer Cleaning Task #5: Stains

Summer is a time for parties, relaxing evenings with friends, or just a quiet evening with neighbors watching the kids play in the backyard. Plenty of these events might also involve a glass (or two) of wine. With kids about, there is also the chance of a glass (or two) getting knocked over. Popsicles are also a major culprit behind stains in the summer.

If a glass of wine is just knocked over, use salt to soak it up. Not just a sprinkle, but a good amount of salt over the stain (on the carpet or the floor) will soak the wine right up. Then just vacuum it away. White vinegar, warm water, lemon juice, and a sponge will help you get rid of Pop Ice stains in no time.

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Chances are high that during the summer, you’d rather be spending time outdoors with your family and friends than cleaning up around the house. Your summer cleaning checklist can melt away by hiring our professional cleaning teams at CleanSpace!

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